Illinois CCW

Illinois Concealed Carry Instruction – 2 Days, 16 Hours

This comprehensive course will include 16 hours of hands on instruction that meets and exceeds all of the requirements for application for Illinois Concealed Carry. This course will focus on the difference between just owning a gun and actually carrying a firearm for self protection and the protection of others.  Emphasis on the law and liability will guide classroom discussion.

Once you have completed and passed the requirements, you will be issued a Certificate of Training which will allow you to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit. The Illinois Permit is currently recognized in 22 states.

Classroom training includes: 

Weapon Nomenclature
Shooting Fundamentals
Weapon Handling Skills
Malfunction Drills
Concealed Carry Considerations and Restrictions
Illinois law regarding Use of Force and Self-defense
Cleaning and Maintenance

Live Range Qualification Includes:

Live fire familiarization
State Qualification
Skills Challenges
Scenario Shooting

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